Contributing to the blog

~ Caleb Connolly

How to become an author and contribute your articles


You will need git and hugo to contribute, install git using your distributions package manager, windows users go here

# Ubuntu
sudo apt install git
# Arch
sudo pacman -S git

For hugo, check out

Getting the source

Clone the source for the blog

# The theme is installed as a submodule hence recurse-submodules is needed
git clone --recurse-submodules

Add your bio

Create your author bio.

# Replace firstname/lastname with your name
hugo new authors/firstname-lastname/

Alternatively you can copy an existing author folder and edit to suite.

Edit content/authors/firstname-lastname/, write a short bio and fill in your handles

Getting your change submitted

Checkout a new branch

# name-of-branch should be changed to represent the 'feature' you're adding, e.g "add-author"
git checkout -b name-of-branch

Commit your changes (NOTE: If you’re a member you will need to )

# git status will show you which files changed, make sure you didn't modify any others!
git status
git add . # Will 'stage' your changed to be commited
git commit -m "new-author: Add Bob Bobson as an author"

SUCS members

Create a fork of the blog by going to and clicking the fork button on the top right.

# change YOUR_USER to be your sucs username
git remote add me
git push --set-upstream me name-of-branch

This tells git to push your new branch up to a new repo under your user in gitlab, you can now visit and use the banner at the top to create a merge request.


As only SUCS members have access to our gitlab, non members will need to email in a patch that we can apply for you.

# Generate a patch, outputted to the patches folder
git format-patch HEAD~1 -o patches

Send en email to with the patch as an attachment, someone will review it and apply it for you.

Alternatively you can also use git send-email, see this guide for a how-to: